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TechCred Certificates Offered

The list of THORS Academy eligible certificates available through the Ohio TechCred Program is listed below. Employers may also request that a specific credential be added to the eligibility list. Please contact us if you need assistance or email Mark Reichle, TechCred Manager, mark.reichle@thors.com.

Maximizing Your Training Budget with Ohio’s TechCred Program

What is TechCred? TechCred helps Ohioans learn new skills needed in a technology-infused economy and help employers build a stronger workforce. Boosting Ohio’s manufacturing talent pool is an important goal of the program. Employers can be reimbursed by up to $2,000 per employee, once the employee has successfully completed a credentialed course in the program. THORS eLearning Solutions is an approved Provider of 100% virtually earned credentials. Contact us to learn more specifically about how the TechCred Program can help you train your team members and save you money or read more below.

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THORS works with employers to develop
custom on-demand training.

TechCred at THORS

THORS offers 100% virtual credentials in areas such as Manufacturing Fundamentals, Processes, Materials, and Industry 4.0.

Looking for a THORS course not found in the credentials list? Employers can request additional credentials to be added to the eligible list during the application process. Simply select “Credential Not Listed” and answer a few basic questions.

Businesses will identify the specific, technology-centric qualifications they need, as well as the employee(s) they want to upskill. Credentials take a year or less to complete, and they prepare current and future employees for the technology jobs Ohio employers need. The state will reimburse up to $2,000 per credential upon completion. (Limited to one reimbursement per employee in each funding round.) Employers must partner with a training provider and apply online to qualify for reimbursement. Individuals listed in an employer’s application must be Ohio residents with a verifiable address.

According to program guidelines, employers may receive up to $30,000 per funding round. Businesses of all sizes are eligible. The Ohio Manufacturers’ Association strongly supports the provision in Ohio’s new two-year budget that appropriated $30 million to support this credentialing program. The state intends to fund 20,000 credentials over the next two years.

Ohio TechCred program
Program Steps
  • View Program Guidelines
  • Identify Employees and Required Skills (refer to list of TechCred Certificates Offered)
  • Partner With a Credential Provider (i.e. THORS eLearning Solutions)
  • Apply Online
  • Enroll Employees in Program
  • Upload Proof of Credential Completion
  • Receive Reimbursement

Please remember that each interested business must submit an application and complete the tasks listed above. Demand will determine availability of funds and timeline for future application periods.

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