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On-Demand Courses and Solutions Specializing in Materials, Manufacturing Processes, and Manufactured Products.

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Solutions that Accelerate Learning and Improve Effectiveness

Do you need to shorten your learning curve
for a manufacturing industry?

THORS Manufacturing Courses

THORS eLearning Solutions provides a growing library of on-demand SCORM compliant courses that specialize in materials, manufacturing processes, manufactured products, and related concepts. Courses can be grouped to create your own specialized learning pathways.

Do you need to capture your experiential knowledge before it walks out the door?

Custom Course Development

Our talented team consults with you to tailor any of our THORS on-demand courses, transfer your existing training material, or transform your training vision into engaging digital courses.

Do you need to track and report your organization’s technical training?

THORS Academy

THORS provides our customers with their own academy site, our next-generation Learning Management System (LMS). We can also integrate with your organization’s LMS.

Do you need to objectively measure and analyze your organization’s technical competencies?

Assessment Tool (MAGNI)

Use our quiz library along with your own custom questions to objectively determine the technical strengths of your organization.

Over 50,000 THORS courses have been completed with an average 58% score improvement.

Who Uses the THORS On-Demand Courses and Solutions?

My efficiency has gone up by 20% since I took the course. The course material is equally useful to beginners and for people with years of industry experience.

Nirav Desai
Sr. Casting Commodity Mgr

The beauty of this software is that if I had this when I came in here five years ago, I could have taken a year and a half off my learning curve easily. I think this is a brilliant program because it’s going to give us the ability to teach someone in a short time what traditionally takes two to four years to learn.

Tim Mohs
Chief Operating Officer

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