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Our mission is to create visually engaging online courses that speed up the learning curve for any organization or individual to understand the terminology, processes, and applications of manufactured products. Our team brings over four decades of industry experience. We are proud to have a talented group of passionate and creative professionals who are experts in synthesizing information to digitize experiential knowledge. We work with Subject Matter Experts and Customers across many different manufacturing industries to deliver solutions that creatively and elegantly solve workforce training challenges.

THORS (The Helpful Online Resources Site) was envisioned by Senthil Kumar over a decade ago. Senthil had started out in the manufacturing industry as a young engineer out of school but was eager to always learn more. His managers had very little time to supplement Senthil’s many questions since they were focused on only training him for the jobs at hand. Senthil wasn’t satisfied. He wanted to understand his role within the vast manufacturing ecosystem. His quest for more knowledge led him to realize the challenges of unlocking the knowledge secured in the minds of the experts who have years of experience. Senthil never forgot his early days and the challenges as a new engineer. He resolved to create a way to capture the experiential knowledge of experts and make it readily available to all. Today, THORS (The Helpful Online Resource Site) has grown into THORS eLearning Solutions, offering a growing library of Online Courses, Custom Course Services, and Productivity Tools for OEMs and Suppliers in the Manufacturing Industries across the globe.

Senthil Kumar, Founder and CEO of THORS eLearning Solutions

Senthil Kumar

Founder / Owner

Christine Walker, Operations General Manager for THORS eLearning Solutions
Christine Walker

General Manager

SS Balasubramanian, Managing Director, THORS India Operations
SS Balsubramanian

Managing Director

India Operations

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