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  • Small Businesses: On the Road to Recovery
    Small businesses are emblems of American entrepreneurship, incubators of innovation, and contributors to community identity. Thriving small businesses are the vital signs of a healthy economy. COVID-19 is sweeping across countries and shaking down well-established economic systems; small businesses have been hit the hardest. Public health measures, such as social distancing, curtail the spread of the novel coronavirus and restrict businesses in our communities. The symptoms of economic distress are manifested as partial and complete … Read more

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GD&T: 3 Factors that Affect Understanding

Prerequisite knowledge: GD&T is an advanced-level concept that assumes the user has a full understanding of the rules, conventions, symbols, and associated terminology of print…

Green Sand: A Classic Casting Recipe

Casting Chronicles The history of humanity is defined by man’s relationship with the material world. Man’s ability to make tools from metals has changed our…
Aluminum - Driving the Decade

Aluminum: Driving the Decade

The first two decades of this century witnessed the dramatic fall and rise of the automotive industry. We cruise into the new decade with technological…

THORS Effectiveness Survey Results

In 2019, a US-based turbine company identified that they had a skills gap developing within their organization. They recognized the need for organized training and…

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Why is Manufacturing Day important?

President Obama issued a presidential proclamation on October 2, 2014, declaring the first Friday of October every year to be celebrated as National Manufacturing Day. The President stated:…