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Stamping Processes


Stamping Processes introduces learners to the various stamping processes.
Learning Hours: 3

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Course Description

Stamping Processes introduces learners to the various stamping processes. The material in this course is beneficial to both seasoned stamping experts and learners new to the industry.

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Who will benefit from this Stamping Processes course?

Quality, manufacturing, engineering, purchasing, and sales functions at organizations that perform stamping operations. Students.

Course Classification

This manufacturing course by THORS eLearning Solutions covers understanding of key terms and concepts.

*THORS uses the Bloom’s Taxonomy Methodology for our course development.

Certificate Awarded for Stamping Processes

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*upon successful completion

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Learning Objectives

  1. Recall some of the cutting processes.
  2. Identify the different types of bending processes.
  3. Recognize the common secondary die processes.
  4. Differentiate between the secondary and additional die processes.
  5. Recall the special processes used normally to achieve certain functions within a die.
Diagram of a blank and draw process that cuts and shapes a piece of sheet metal that will be used later in a stamping operation.
Stamping Processes

Table of Contents

  1. Cutting and Bending Processes
    1. Cutting Processes
      1. Blanking Types
        1. Conventional Blanking
        2. Pressure Blanking
        3. Blank and Draw
        4. Compound Blank and Pierce
        5. Fine Blanking
      2. Piercing/Punching Functions
        1. Direct Piercing
        2. Cam Piercing
        3. Aerial Cam Piercing
        4. Bottom Piercing
      3. Trimming Functions
        1. Direct Trimming
        2. Pinch Trimming
        3. Cam Trimming
        4. Parting
    2. Bending Processes
      1. Drawing Functions
        1. Drawing
        2. Redrawing
        3. Reverse Drawing
      2. Bending Functions
        1. V-Bending
        2. Wipe-Bending
        3. Z-Bending or Double V-Bend
        4. U-Bending or Channel Bending
        5. Rotary Bending
      3. Forming Functions
        1. Forming
        2. Cam Forming or Cam Bending
        3. Rubber Forming
        4. Hydroforming
        5. Stretch Forming
  2. Secondary Die Processes
    1. Gusset Stamping
    2. Curling
    3. Embossing
    4. Coining
    5. Extruding
    6. Flanging
    7. Hemming
    8. Ironing
    9. Necking
    10. Projection/Dimpling
    11. Restriking
    12. Secondary Cutting
      1. Notching
      2. Lancing
      3. Lance and Form
  3. Special Processes in Die
    1. Assembly Functions
      1. In-Die Welding
      2. Nut Insertion
      3. Stud/Bolt Insertion
      4. Staking
      5. Tog-L-Loc
      6. Lance-N-Loc
    2. In-Die Tapping

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