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Polymers: Injection Molding Process


Polymers: Injection Molding Process is an informative, intermediate-level course on the injection molding process.
Learning Hours: 1

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Course Description

Polymers: Injection Molding Process is an informative, intermediate-level course on the injection molding process. In this course, learners are introduced to the stages of the injection molding process, including plastification, injection, and cure and ejection; the methods to optimize each step in the process; as well as the steps required to establish the process. Learners in quality, manufacturing, sales or related, and research and development in the industry will find value in this course.

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Who will benefit from this Injection Molding Process course?

R&D new hires, manufacturing process engineers, sales reps – technical sales, account managers, product developers, tech service, product managers, quality managers.

Course Classification

This manufacturing course by THORS eLearning Solutions covers understanding of key terms and concepts.

*THORS uses the Bloom’s Taxonomy Methodology for our course development.

Certificate Awarded for Polymers: Injection Molding Process

Example of certificate awarded upon successful completion of the course.

*upon successful completion

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Learning Objectives

  1. Identify and understand the major steps of the injection molding process.
  2. Recognize the methods to optimize each part in the injection molding process.
  3. Distinguish between each step required to establish the process.
A thermolator which controls the temperature of molds curing as part of an injection molding process.
Polymers: Injection Molding Process

Table of Contents

  1. The Injection Molding Process Stages
    1. Plastification
      1. Barrel Temperature Zones
        1. Barrel Zone Locations
        2. Determining Zone Temperature
        3. Effect of Resin Type on Temperature
      2. Screw Recovery
        1. Shot Size
        2. Screw Speed
        3. Back Pressure
    2. Injection
      1. Injection Speed
      2. Transfer Position
      3. Pack Cycle
      4. Cushion
    3. Cure and Ejection
      1. Thermolator Temperature
      2. Cure Time vs. Resin Time and Part Geometry
      3. Cure Time vs. Warp and Shrink
      4. Part Ejection
  2. Establishing the Process
    1. Step 1: Preparing the Plastic Resin
    2. Step 2: Pre-Heating the Barrel and Mold
    3. Step 3: Inputting the Initial Set Points
      1. Injection Pressure and Injection Time Limit Settings
      2. Shot Size Setting
      3. Transfer Position and Cushion Settings
      4. Screw Speed and Back Pressure Settings
      5. Injection Speed Setting
    4. Step 4: Loading the Hopper
    5. Step 5: Purging the Barrel
    6. Step 6: Starting the Initial Shots
    7. Step 7: Optimizing the Injection Speed
    8. Step 8: Performing the Pack Study (Gate Freeze)
      1. Initial Pack Pressure
      2. Gate Freeze Study
      3. Final Pack Pressure
    9. Step 9: Determining the Cure Time
    10. Step 10: Monitoring the Process

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