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Investing in growing skills and knowledge of your machinists is a strategic decision that directly impacts the success and growth of your company. By enrolling in THORS eLearning Solutions Academy technical courses, you can unlock a multitude of benefits that enhance your machinist’s efficiency and productivity, elevate the quality and precision of your outputs, boost versatility and flexibility in machining operations, ensure a safer working environment, foster professional development, minimize scrap and rework, and gain a distinctive competitive edge in the market.

CNC Machining Course Bundle

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$169/month, min of 3 months ($507) per learner

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$89/month, min of 12 months ($1068) per learner

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Add a Specialty Course Bundle

Further enhance your machining skills! Save by purchasing these course bundles.

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Gear Hobbing Course Bundle

$400/learner, 3-month access
$800/learner, 12-month access

Honing Course Bundle

$400/learner, 3-month access
$800/learner, 12-month access

Rotary Surface Grinding Course Bundle

$400/learner, 3-month access
$800/learner, 12-month access

Ohio TechCred program

100% Training Reimbursements for Ohio Companies!

TechCred helps Ohioans learn new skills needed in a technology-infused economy and help employers build a stronger workforce. Boosting Ohio’s manufacturing talent pool is an important goal of the program. Employers can be reimbursed by up to $2,000 per employee, once the employee has successfully completed a credentialed course in the program.

Learn more about how the Ohio TechCred Program can help your training budget!

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“Before THORS, we would have guys that would keep running and running a machining, now i’ll get guys telling me they stopped a machine because they detected some noncompliance. And they get that from their THORS training, thank god for that, before this they would just keep running and running the machine, then we got 2,500 pieces back there that are suspect. So now we got to sort it all 100% and that cost time and money. Where have you guys (THORS eLearning Solutions) been that last 30 years?”

Operations Manager

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