THORS Academy

The THORS Digital Learning Resource (DLR) site provides you access to your learning content, allows you to track learner progress and knowledge retention, and to receive automated reports. We can customize your look with your company logo and colors. We can also integrate your SCORM compliant content into your existing LMS.

Track and Report

Individuals print their own transcripts and certificates of completion. Managers receive automated reports on individual user performance.

Brand and Launch

We can customize your dashboard using your company logo and colors. Access all your online training under one launch portal.

Integrate With Your LMS

We can integrate SCORM compliant content into your existing LMS. Link and launch courses from your own LMS for easy learner accessibility.

“58% of employees prefer to learn at their own pace.”
– LinkedIn Learning

The Learning Management System offered through THORS gives us the ability to set up the courses, the curriculum, and create the structure for the learning management program, where before there really wasn’t one in place. So I think as we progress forward and continue to use THORS over the coming years, I think we are really going to see a big impact of having that structure in our Learning Management System.

Melissa Clyde
Vice President HR

One of the really great things about THORS is that we are able to utilize the modules to show the customers what the processes are. We show them a video of how an induction furnace works in THORS and then take them out to our shop floor and show them the actual furnace. They get both the educational understanding from THORS and the first-hand experience from walking around it in our shop so they have a better understanding of what they are looking at.

Megan Kirsh
Sales & Marketing

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