Take a peek into the world of industrial polymers vital to civilization. The THORS course Polymer Basics provides a comprehensive view of the lifecycle of synthetic polymers. This introductory course, replete with vibrant visuals and interactives, explores the chemistry, classification, and manufacturing processes associated with synthetic polymers. In addition, this course examines the properties and performance of synthetic polymer products.

Polymer Basics course image

Learning Objectives
  • Learn the basic terminology associated with polymer chemistry.
  • Recognize the basic polymers types from its chemical structure.
  • Compare and contrast the polymer types.
  • Gain comprehensive knowledge on the entire life cycle of a synthetic polymer and the associated manufacturing processes.
  • Understand the relationship between polymer properties and product performance.
  • Predict polymer properties based on its degree of crystallinity.
This course includes
Pre / Post-Assessment
Course Length: 2 h
Completion Certificate

Table of Contents

Structure and Classification

  • Polymer Terminology
  • Chain Chemistry
  • Chain Architecture
  • Morphology
  • Response to Temperature
  • Resin Code

Manufacturing Processes

  • Polymer Sources
  • Material Processing
  • Forming
  • Finishing
  • Product Performance
  • Polymer Properties
  • Degree of Crystallinity

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