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Lithium-Ion Battery Manufacturing


The THORS Lithium-Ion Battery Manufacturing course discusses the manufacturing techniques of major components of a lithium-ion battery.
Learning Hours: 2

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Course Description

The THORS Lithium-Ion Battery Manufacturing course discusses the manufacturing techniques of major components of a lithium-ion battery. This course also explains in detail about the numerous stages involved in the production of lithium-ion batteries.

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Who will benefit from this Lithium-Ion Battery course?

Design, manufacturing engineering, quality, and purchasing teams in organizations interested in lithium-ion battery materials and its characteristics.

Course Classification

This manufacturing course by THORS eLearning Solutions covers identification of key terms, understanding of key concepts, and application of the covered topics.

*THORS uses the Bloom’s Taxonomy Methodology for our course development.

Certificate Awarded for Lithium-Ion Battery Manufacturing

Example of certificate awarded upon successful completion of the course.

*upon successful completion

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Learning Objectives

  1. Gain a broad knowledge of the different processes associated with the electrodes manufacturing of LIBs.
  2. Explain the different ways of preparing the electrolyte for LIBs.
  3. Elaborate on the manufacturing techniques of separators for LIBs.
  4. Understand the three major stages involved in the manufacturing processes of LIBs.
  5. Define and understand each step of the LIB manufacturing process.

An illustration of solid-state process used for the synthesizing cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries.

Lithium-Ion Battery Manufacturing

Table of Contents

  1. Component Manufacturing
    1. Anode Graphite Manufacturing
      1. Natural Graphite
      2. Synthetic Graphite
    2. Cathode Material Synthesis
      1. Solid-State Processes
        1. Solid-State Reaction
        2. Mechano-Chemical Activation
        3. Carbothermic Reduction
        4. Microwave Processing
      2. Wet Chemical Processes
        1. Hydrothermal Processing
        2. Sol-Gel Method
        3. Precipitation Method
        4. Emulsion Drying
        5. Spray Pyrolysis
    3. Electrolyte Salt and Solvent Preparation
    4. Separator Membrane Manufacturing
      1. Wet Process
      2. Dry Process
  2. LIB Manufacturing Processes
    1. Electrode Preparation
      1. Slurry Mixing
      2. Coating, Drying, and Solvent Recovery
      3. Calendering
      4. Slitting
      5. Vacuum Drying
    2. Battery Cell Assembly
    3. Electrochemistry Activation
      1. Forming
      2. Aging

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