How Can THORS Help Enhance Your College Education?

Student enhancing their education with online learning.

How Can THORS Help Enhance Your College Education?

THORS Academy can help enhance your college education in a number of ways. Imagine being in a college class and being told you have a lab component. But instead of heading down the hall to the lab, you are given login info for a THORS course.

"Universities that do not have lab facilities would benefit from THORS because they have no way of having students gain experience with the different processes. I had a student tell me today after watching the video, 'Now I get it.' Students no longer learn from simply reading a book. The text combined with video has created a great learning experience."

Enhancing your education with online learning instead of a textbook

Maybe your professor informs you there will be no textbook for your course; instead, you will enhance your college education with a THORS course as you go along, which will replace your textbook. What is essentially an updatable textbook can then help colleges and universities stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and technologies.

"I saw something very interesting, and I think it is something that our students might appreciate. Senthil Kumar and his company have developed a computer-driven learning system for manufacturing technologies. This system is light years better than any textbook I have seen. It is current, and it can be updated at any time to reflect new technologies."

What if you could take a THORS course to fill in the blanks or allow you to take a deep dive on a topic that was skimmed in your college course?

"THORS is a great enhancement of materials they are already covering, and additionally, you’re able to see the product and process behind them."

Many of the courses offered by THORS are focused on highly technical topics and can provide students with the practical knowledge and skills necessary for career advancement that they may not get in the classroom.

“This semester I am using the THORS Machining 101 module for a senior level technical course on metal cutting. The value that I find in this program is through giving students a broad exposure to different machining operations in lieu of years of experience, and actually using all of the machines, which you are not able to offer in the classroom.”

–Frank Pfefferkorn, Professor | University of Wisconsin-Madison

Student enhancing their college education with online learning

Unlike some traditional training settings, our online platform allows students to learn at their own pace and on their own schedule. This can be especially beneficial for students that are non-traditional students who may be working and parenting in addition to attending school and need a time-efficient, adaptable learning environment.

"The beauty of this program, the beauty of this software is that if I had this software when I came in here five years ago, I could have taken a year and a half off my learning curve easily. I think this is a brilliant program because it's going to give us the ability to teach someone in a short time what traditionally takes two to three to four years to learn."

These are just a few of the ways THORS courses might enhance your college education. For more ways THORS dovetails with your college education, read our blog post entitled, “Industry Vetted Remote Learning Solutions for Manufacturing Technology and Engineering Students.”

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