Gating and Risering Basics introduces the learner to the various components of the filling and feeding systems, as well as their role and design in transporting the molten metal into the casting cavity. This knowledge is foundational for designing the gating and risering systems for efficiently filling of the mold cavity to produce quality castings.

Table of Contents

Filling System

  • Functions
  • Components
    • Pouring Basin
    • Sprue
      • Straight Sprue
      • Tapered Sprue
      • Reverse Tapered Sprue
      • Sprue Base
    • Runner
    • Gate
    • Vent
    • Flow Off
    • Choke
      • Filling System Aids
    • Stopper
    • Filter

Feeding System

  • Functions
  • Components
    • Riser
      • Feeding System Aids
    • Riser Sleeves
    • Hot Toppings
      • Chill

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