Castings: Green Sand System Testing

Green Sand Testing highlights the purpose, equipment, and methodology applied for testing the sand in green sand foundries. Presented in THORS’ visual and interactive learning format, this course assists employees in making better value decisions for their company or organization.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand basic sand sampling and preparation steps prior to testing.
  • Recall the location and frequency of green sand testing methods.
  • Differentiate between the various green sand tests typically applied in foundries.
  • Identify the testing equipment used for green sand systems.
Course Length: 1.5 HRS

Table of Contents

Green Sand Test Preparation

  • Sand Grading
  • Sampling Location and Frequency
  • Sample and Specimen Preparation

Testing the Green Sand System

  • Acid Demand Value (ADV) Test
  • Potential Hydrogen (pH) Test
  • AFS Clay Test
  • Compactability Test
  • Green Compression Strength Test
  • Dry Compression Strength Test
  • Friability Test
  • Green Tensile Strength Test
  • Hot Compression Strength Test
  • Loss on Ignition (LOI) Test
  • Methylene Blue (MB) Clay Test
  • Moisture Test
  • Permeability Test
  • Wet Tensile Strength Test

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