A Differentiated Learning Approach: A Closer Look at THORS

A teacher reads with students.

In the wide landscape of learning methodologies, the pursuit of engaging and effective learning approaches has been ongoing. Among the myriad approaches, a differentiated learning approach stands as an innovative mode of learning. Differentiated learning approaches aim at liberating learners from prescribed methods, equipping them to navigate learning on their terms. At its core, differentiated learning customizes learning strategies and methods to suit individual learning styles and comprehension levels. A 2003 research paper on Differentiating Instruction in Response to Student Readiness, Interest, and Learning Profile in Academically Diverse Classrooms: A Review of Literature asserts that differentiated learning promotes educational equality.

This approach ensures access for all learners by employing a diverse range of techniques to enhance understanding and information processing. THORS, the pioneering e-learning platform, excels in leveraging differentiated learning approaches to craft courses that are both comprehensive and engaging.

Let’s delve into the three fundamental pillars of differentiated learning and how THORS integrates the strategies effectively into its courses.

1. Content Differentiation

Content differentiation aims to adapt how the content or information is presented to suit the different learning styles of the student. Visual learners benefit from images, illustrations, diagrams, or videos, while auditory learners find spoken explanations or narrations helpful. Organizing content using visual aids such as charts or graphs helps learners better understand and retain information. While the core content of a course may be set in stone, THORS employs various techniques to render the information comprehensible to diverse learning styles. THORS courses are peppered with visual aids, such as images and illustrations catering to visual learners, while auditory learners benefit from narrations complemented by visuals. Additionally, the content is broken down into flowcharts or tables to facilitate better understanding.

2. Process Differentiation

Process differentiation focuses on how information is delivered. Breaking down complex topics into small, bite-sized chunks helps to prevent overwhelming the learners. Providing additional details aids in feeding the curiosity of learners seeking a deeper understanding. Using clear and simple language ensures accessibility for all learners. Beyond the content itself lies the delivery of the information. THORS strategically prevents overwhelming learners by breaking down information into manageable chunks by organizing the content into questions and answers. Consistent patterns in presenting information and employing concise, simple, clear language prevents any potential confusion while learning the required information on a topic.

A teacher working closely with a student.

3. Product Differentiation

The product, or the outcome of learning, is where the learners demonstrate their acquired knowledge. Product differentiation aims to demonstrate what the learners have learned. Assessments such as quizzes, before and after learning, help gauge understanding and track the progress of the learner. These assessments are designed not to stress the learner but to support the process of learning by allowing learners to showcase their knowledge and identify areas for improvement. THORS prioritizes continuous progress tracking, allowing learners to assess their understanding and growth. Through pre-assessments and post-assessments strategically placed in the courses, THORS not only evaluates comprehension but also provides learners with varied assessment methods such as multiple-choice, visual identification, and more.

Central to the philosophy of differentiated learning is the recognition that no one is inherently a ‘bad’ learner, but rather a ‘different’ learner. The differentiated learning approach, as embraced by THORS, champions the idea that learning should be engaging without unnecessary complexities. With THORS’ treasure trove of courses, learners take the reigns of their learning journey on their own terms and at their own pace.

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