Must-read Monday: A mini-guide to basic foundry concepts

Every now and then we need to brush up on our knowledge. Let’s revisit some of our popular blog posts which are aimed to help reinforce fundamental concepts related to foundries. Controlling raw materials is critical to the success of iron casting production in green sand systems. In foundries, sand and clay play an important role. 

How to control the compactability of sand

Foundry expert Al Alagarsamy explains the importance of sand compactability in producing good quality molds and castings. 

Why read it? If you want to know about the different ways to control sand compactability and how it is affected by process variables, you should definitely read this blog post.

Clay Level 101

In this blog, Al Alagarsamy explains the science behind clay for efficient production.

Why read it? Learn more about the terms that describe clay content and how they are related to each other.

Reducing bond usage in green sand systems 

Learn all about bond usage in green sand systems and some effective ways to reduce it.

Why read it? Understand the various factors that affect bond usage.

Factors that affect sand compactability

Here are some tips to help you make better decisions when handling green sand. The change in compactability from time to time due to weather conditions, job mix changes, and process variable set points should be identified and monitored to deliver quality sand to the molding machines.

Why read it? If your business is about the storage, transportation, testing, or handling of green sand, then this blog is for you.

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