The THORS Ductile Iron Fundamentals course provides a unique, interactive, and graphically rich learning experience.

Learn the ABC’s of Ductile Iron

Worldwide, in ductile iron industries, countless revenue/savings opportunities are lost.

How can such losses be prevented? One word: Knowledge.

Who benefits from increased knowledge in the ductile iron industry? All of the following:

  • Purchasing Organizations
  • Product Distributors
  • Sales Teams
  • Marketing Strategists
  • Quality Organizations
  • Engineering Organizations
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s)
  • And most importantly… the individuals working on the foundry and shop floors!

Ductile Iron Fundamentals is an online learning course that provides a unique, interactive, and graphically rich learning experience. The learning scenarios provided in this course benefit everyone involved in the enormous ductile iron industry, ranging from novices to experts involved in any of the positions highlighted above.

Increased knowledge of the ductile iron industry leads to efficiency and a better quality of decisions pertaining to iron making, which could quickly increase your bottom line!

Some of the basic knowledge conveyed in Ductile Iron Fundamentals includes:
  • Identifying the primary elements that make up ductile irons, particularly iron, carbon, and silicon. Differentiating between the various types of iron within the cast iron family, including the basic chemistry and properties commonly associated with each type.
  • Recognizing the unique mechanical properties and chemical composition of ductile iron, as well as the processes that occur during the melting and solidification of ductile iron.
  • Understanding the effects of various alloying elements associated with ductile iron, how the elements alter the chemistry of ductile iron, and how unwanted elements can be limited and/or neutralized.
  • Being able to differentiate between the important concepts of magnesium treatment, inoculation, fading, undercooling, and nodularity.
  • Recalling the primary steps in processing and melting ductile iron, including the importance of charge materials, scrap analysis, and temperature control. Recognizing the steps involved in conditioning, as well as the various methods commonly used in ductile iron treatment.

And much, much more…

To test drive our course and expand your knowledge of ductile iron, provide your contact information below.

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