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Employee Retention: A Presrite Success Story

Presrite is a world class forging company based in Cleveland, Ohio. Spread out throughout Cleveland, Presrite has three forging plants with internal die making and machining capabilities. Each forge shop creates complex parts to net and near net specifications that reduce or eliminate the need for finishing operations. They service world class customers in the off-highway, truck, automotive, aerospace, railroad, agriculture, energy, mining, and material handling industries.

By: David R. Turner | July 31, 2019

Topics: Employee Retention | HR Management | Employee Education | Employee Engagement

The Problem

Presrite was having a challenging time attracting new employees in a tight labor market. To make things more difficult, Presirite was having trouble retaining employees. Specifically, their employee retention was hovering around 20%.

The Solution

Presrite implemented a mentoring program for every new employee. Each employee was assigned a mentor or coach for the first six months. The coach was from a different department than the employee. These coaches introduce the new employees to already tenured employees as well as providing support and encouragement. By having the coach and mentee work in different departments, it allows for the mentee to feel as if they can come to them in confidence, which creates a source of trust and engagement. To make things even more engaging, HR or a supervisor will talk to the new employee about their goals, ambitions, and interest in other roles. If they are interested in a new role, a road map of courses can be provided, thus allowing them to feel in control of their own destiny. After each course is completed, the employee will be given a certificate that shows to their manager that they are growing more knowledgeable each day.

Creating a Structured Learning Program

Once the new employee has a feel for how the company works, they are introduced to THORS eLearning Solutions. Each division or department will assign a new employee 12 to 15 different THORS courses depending on the subjects that are relevant to their department. THORS courses provide the “what” and “why” along with the “how” to help people understand the products and processes as a whole. By allowing Presrite employees to dedicate time to THORS training, they began to see how their job fits into the overall process. Additionally, employees learn the basic terminology associated with their work environment, which provides them with effective communication skills when speaking with peers and managers.

The Result

Overall, Presrite has increased their employee retention from 20% to 50% since implementing coaches and the THORS learning solution.

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