THORS Courses Increase Knowledge Base Significantly

Boring 1 operator Dani Stewart increases her knowledge base with THORS.

Dani Stewart Boring 1 op moving to Finishing 1

Dani has been an employee of Ellwood National Forge for 2 years and is a Boring 1 operator looking to increase her knowledge base. Dani is moving into a position in Finishing 1 after completing a program that Ellwood provides at an institute of advanced learning in Virginia. This is her first experience working in manufacturing however Dani has taken 36 THORS courses to help prepare her for her career. She feels that the THORS courses have increased her knowledge base significantly. The THORS courses have given her a good cornerstone for understanding things that apply to her position within Ellwood.

The courses have also increased her ability to communicate more effectively with the more seasoned employees because of the terminology understanding she has gained by completing the coursework. Dani notes that she is more conscientious of how the parts look when leaving her department now that she has completed THORS courses. She feels that the THORS courses have made it easy for her to apply the knowledge she has acquired on the shop floor.

Her opinion of the THORS courses now is that “it is definitely better to know how and why something is done than to be told just to do it.” She feels that the courses have really assisted her in understanding the reasoning behind the processes that affect her position.

Dani finds learning to be crucial in advancing her career in manufacturing. She indicated that she has utilized the courses as a reference after completing them. Dani reiterated that it is very important to understand and be able to connect the what, why, and how the process is done.

Regarding what value THORS has added, Dani stated “knowing and understanding the entire process from start to finish,” making her feel more knowledgeable.

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