Jeremiah Garris, a machinist with Ellwood National Forge that takes manufacturing training courses with THORS

Manufacturing Training Courses Help Employee Move Up the Ladder

Jeremiah has been an employee of Ellwood National Forge for 5 years. He has taken part in hundreds of hours of manufacturing training courses, including 38 THORS courses, to move up to the position that he currently holds while expanding his knowledge base at the same time. He has worked previously in manufacturing but he says, “I had zero machining experience before I started here, I started as a helper and in six months I was a machinist.”

He has been able to apply what he has learned in the courses at his position. For example, he says that “the course on measuring tools really helped because there were a number of devices that I didn’t know what they were called or how to use them.” Learning this information has helped him feel more comfortable when he comes across these devices because he now knows what they are and their function. Jeremiah also says that “some of the manufacturing training courses cover processes that I don’t use in my position, like annealing, but when the guys from heat treat talk about it I can better understand. If I didn’t take the course, I would have no idea what they were talking about.” Additionally, he indicates that the shop safety course changed some of the ways that he approaches and does his job. The course has instilled a safety conscience attitude in his day-to-day activities in the shop.

“The courses are really good, there is a lot of knowledge in them. Even though some might not specifically pertain to my job title it is definitely helpful,” Jeremiah says. He has taken extensive notes throughout taking the manufacturing training courses and does find himself referring to them when he comes across something he is unsure of on the shop floor.

Jeremiah typically has a more difficult time with online or “book” learning rather than hands-on learning. He did however really like the multi-sensory aspect of the courses; this made it easier for him to understand and stay engaged.

Jeremiah finds learning very important to advancing his career in the manufacturing realm. He stated that… 

"I do the courses to learn but I want to show the company that I am hardworking, teachable, and willing to learn. This is a career for me, not just a job."

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