Corrective Leveling Basics provides learners with a basic understanding of the concepts and equipment, terminology, and troubleshooting methods that apply to corrective leveling processes for sheet metal. There are several processes that are considered “leveling”; the emphasis for this course will be the corrective leveling that is typically applied to sheet metal prior to the metal being cut-to-length and stacked.

Corrective Leveling Basics

Learning Objectives
  • Recall the primary parts of cut-to-length and multi-blanking lines
  • Recognize the basic operations that apply to corrective leveling.
  • Identify the important pieces of corrective leveling equipment.
  • Understand how materials and bending radiuses are crucial to the leveling process.
  • Differentiate between the various defects that might be rectified with corrective levelers.
  • Recall the troubleshooting methods that ensure corrective leveling is safe and productive.
This course includes
Pre / Post-Assessment
Course Length: 1 h
Completion Certificate

Table of Contents

Equipment and Concepts

  • Cut-To-Length Line Terminology
  • Corrective Leveler Terminology
  • Corrective Leveler Components
  • Corrective Leveling Material
  • Material Gauge
  • Yield Point

Defects and Troubleshooting

  • Work Roll Adjustments
  • Rejection Defects
  • Curvature Defects
  • Complex Shape Defects
  • Corrective Leveling Capabilities

Course Completion

After completing this course you will receive a certificate of completion.

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