Metal Cutting: Cylindrical Grinding Fundamentals

Cylindrical Grinding Fundamentals introduces learners to the components and operations central to the precision grinding of cylindrical, and even non-cylindrical, workpieces. Using animated demonstrations and other visual aids to break down complex concepts, the course aims to demystify the process of imparting fine surface finish and achieving high tolerances on parts with complex geometry. By the end of the course, learners will understand how a variety of industries—from automotive to ball bearing to aerospace—rely on this downstream metal machining process.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize key grinding wheel terminology related to abrasive grains, bonding material, and wheel specification.
  • Demonstrate the ability to evaluate a wheel for cracks and, if approved for use, proceed with balancing the wheel to properly align the flange assembly.
  • Recognize the different types of dressing tools used to re-sharpen or profile an abrasive wheel.
  • Identify and know the function of common workholding devices.
  • Explain the importance of coolant in precision cylindrical grinding.
  • Compare and contrast various OD and ID grinding operations.
Course Length: 3 HRS

Table of Contents

Grinding Wheel Basics

  • Wheel Construction
    • Abrasive Grains
    • Bonding Material
    • Wheel Flange Assembly
  • Wheel Markings
  • Wheel Mounting
    • The Ring Test
    • Wheel Balancing
  • Wheel Dressing
    • Dressing Tool Material
    • Fixed Dressing Tools
    • Rotary Dressing Tools

Grinding Process Setup

  • Workholding Methods
    • Between-Center Grinding: Workholding Setup
    • Between-Center Grinding: Center Points
    • Between-Center Grinding: Center Bore Errors
    • Jawed Chucks
    • Magnetic Chucks
    • Centerless Grinding Setup
  • Grinding Fluid
    • Fluid Types: Water Miscible Fluids
    • Fluid Types: Pure Grinding Oils
    • Filtration
    • Delivery

Cylindrical Grinding Processes

  • OD Grinding
    • OD Traverse Grinding
    • OD Peel Grinding
    • OD Plunge Grinding
    • Crankshaft Grinding
    • Form Grinding
  • Centerless Grinding
  • ID Grinding
    • ID Traverse Grinding
    • ID Plunge Grinding

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