Castings: Bonded Sand Fundamentals

From mold making to casting cleaning, the THORS Bonded Sand Fundamentals course extensively covers the life of a casting from start to finish. The learner will have the tools to identify and understand the processes in a foundry from an operational standpoint.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize some of the basic equipment used in bonded sand foundries.
  • Recall basic terminology and phrases associated with foundry processes.
  • Identify the equipment and processing steps applied to mold and core making.
  • Recall the various steps involved in properly pouring bonded sand molds.
  • Understand the primary steps carried out to castings after solidification.
Bonded Sand Course Preview
Course Length: 2 HRS

Table of Contents

Bonded Sand Foundry Processes

Pouring and Separation

  • Melt Processing Time
    • Melting Time
    • Tapping Time
    • Holding Time
  • Pouring
    • Pouring Methods: Manual Pouring
    • Pouring Methods: Mechanized Pouring
    • Pouring Methods: Automatic Pouring
    • Pouring Techniques: Pouring Rate
    • Pouring Techniques: Pouring Distance
    • Pouring Techniques: Cup Filling
  • Solidification Factors
    • Inoculation for Cast Iron
    • Deoxidation for Steel
    • Silicon Modification for Aluminum
    • Grain Refinement
  • Separation and Cleaning
    • Shakeout
    • Blast Cleaning
    • Casting Cleaning

Mold Making

  • Types of Bonded Sand Molding
    • Clay Bonded Sand (Green Sand) Molding
    • Chemically-Bonded Sand Molding
    • Shell Bonded Sand Molding
  • Parts of the Mold
    • Mold Halves
    • Horizontally-Parted Filling System
    • Vertically-Parted Filling System
    • Horizontally-Parted Feeding System
    • Vertically-Parted Feeding System
    • Horizontally-Parted Additional Features
    • Vertically-Parted Additional Features
  • Sand Related Equipment
    • Storage Silos
    • Mullers
    • Aerators
    • Sand Coolers
    • Screeners
    • Dust Collectors
    • Lump Crushers
    • Scrubbers
    • Reclaimers
  • Mold Making Equipment
    • Jolt Squeeze Machines
    • Cope and Drag Machines
    • Vertically-Parted Molding Machines

Core Making

  • Core Making Materials
    • Core Sand
    • Core Binders
  • Core Making Equipment
    • Core Boxes
    • Batch Mixers
    • Continuous Mixers
    • Horizontally-Parted Core Machines
    • Vertically-Parted Core Machines
    • Core Drying Ovens
  • Core and Mold Accessories
    • Metal Chills
    • Riser Sleeves
    • Chaplets
  • Hot Box Core Making
  • Cold Box Core Making
  • Shell Box Core Making
  • Core Setting
  • Mold Closing

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