Belt Classifications – Round and Flat Belts

Belt Classifications: Round and Flat Belts is an interactive course designed for any learner who must use or be familiar with round and flat belts. In this course, learners engage with animations and interactives designed to provide a basic understanding of round and flat belts, particularly the materials used in each belt’s construction, the advantages and limitations of each belt, as well as the label designations marked on each belt type.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the differences between round and flat belts.
  • Recognize the similarities and differences in material and construction for round and flat belts.
  • Identify the label designations for round and flat belts and understand their meaning.
Course Length: 0.75 HRS

Table of Contents

Round and Flat Belts Visual Menu Overview

What Are Round and Flat Belts?

Flat Belts

Round Belts

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