Successful Learner Review Rates THORS Courses a 10

Successful leaner review rates thors courses a 10

Presrite Corporation management was kind enough to have us interview employee Ms. Shabrea Davis a few days after she completed six standard THORS courses. The following are excerpts from this successful learner’s review of our courses.

Presrite Corporation

Presrite is one of the largest forging companies in the USA based out of Cleveland, OH. They have three forging plants and one tooling manufacturing site in the Cleveland area, and manufacture closed die forgings utilizing presses. They manufacture both conventional forgings and net forgings of gears.

THORS and Presrite

The THORS eLearning Solutions team made an individual presentation before each of the plant managers at Presrite, including team members from the safety, engineering, operations, and quality functions. All the team members who participated in the four meetings affirmed the value of THORS, but wanted to truly test the efficacy of THORS for a person working on the shop floor.

To accomplish this, they identified a young team member, Ms. Shabrea Davis, who would complete a few of the THORS courses. Davis, who hails from Muskegon, MI, completed high school, then dabbled in medical assistant coursework, before joining the local automotive manufacturing industry in Muskegon, where she worked in a metal forming plant that manufactured automotive bumpers and also in a plant that assembled mirrors. She recently moved to the Cleveland area, and has been working at Presrite as part of the operating crew for a 2600 T press.

THORS set Davis up with access to six standard courses (Engineering Drawing Foundations, Engineering Drawings for Machining, Measurement Concepts, Measurement Tools and Practices, Forging Fundamentals: Closed Die, and Steel Fundamentals) and one Lightning Learning course (7QC Tools: Check Sheets). Accessing the eLearning courses directly from the Presrite facility over the course of only 10 days, Davis excelled at navigating through the THORS Academy and learning about various topics. What was most impressive was the change between the pre- and post-assessment scores in the various courses she completed, as listed below.

Question & Answer with Ms. Davis

Was the course content easy to understand?

I found it very easy to understand. I started with the Engineering Drawing Foundations course, and although I had no prior experience with an engineering drawing, I was able to follow and learn quickly. My job involves reading a drawing and I felt that the course would help me in my day-to-day activities on the job.

Was the information presented in an intuitive, user-friendly format?

Yes, I found it easy to navigate and the material flowed well. I have used computers before and hence it was very easy.

Did you find that the graphics, animations, and hands-on activity simplified your comprehension of complex concepts?

I especially liked the animations, as they helped me visualize things very well, and helped me learn faster, and also helped with my memory retention of concepts.

Would the content be relevant to the professional development of your team members and subordinates?

I believe that program will be of great value for the professional development of my team members and subordinates. The Forging Fundamentals course gave me a good idea of the upstream and downstream processes, as my focus is only my tasks and activities on the press.

If you had THORS when you joined the industry, would your learning curve have been shortened?

If I had this program five months ago, before I joined this job, it would have helped tremendously, as I would have been familiar with the terminology before I started on the shop floor. It would have shortened my learning curve.

How likely are you to recommend the THORS offering to your colleagues and friends, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest score?

"I would rate the THORS program a 10!"

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