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Mobility: Drivetrain Fundamentals I Certificate Exam Only


For any individual who has already taken the THORS systems courses or is well-versed in the covered topics, THORS offers the Mobility: Drivetrain Fundamentals I Certificate Exam Only.  This exam assesses knowledge on drivetrain components, such as engines, transmissions, braking systems, and transfer cases, along with an understanding of how they function.

Upon successful completion of this Certificate Exam, the learner will receive an official Certificate of Completion from The University of Akron.

Once purchased, this exam will remain available for 45 days. To repurchase and reattempt the exam, contact

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Certificate Exam Description

For any individual who has already taken the THORS systems courses or is well-versed in the covered topics, THORS offers the Mobility: Drivetrain Fundamentals I Certificate Exam Only. assesses the examinee’s knowledge on the basic components, concepts, and general terminology associated with automotive engines and automatic transmissions, as well as the various systems critical to the internal combustion process. Examinees are also tested on the fundamental concepts, terminology, and mechanical devices used when performing an engine test, along with the types of sensors and dynamometers used for different testing scenarios. The key principles, common components, and types of drive axles, both hydraulic and pneumatic braking systems, and transfer cases are assessed.

The exam consists of 60 questions that must be answered within 60 minutes.

Looking for all necessary course material required to successfully complete this Certificate Exam? Alternatively, purchase the Mobility: Drivetrain Fundamentals I Certificate of Completion Program which includes this Certificate Exam for free.

Upon successful completion of this Certificate Exam, the learner will receive an official Certificate of Completion from
The University of Akron.

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What are Certificate Programs?

THORS eLearning Solutions and The University of Akron (Ohio, USA) have partnered to offer Certificate of Completion Programs in multiple manufacturing disciplines such as Mobility, Mechanical Power Transmission, Metal Castings, Forgings, Engineering Drawings, and Quality. The University of Akron is a known provider of world-class engineering and engineering technology degree programs and a longtime leader in preparing individuals for careers in industry. THORS eLearning Solutions is a designer of highly acclaimed online manufacturing courses with tens of thousands of learners in multiple Fortune 500 companies as well as other manufacturers and educational institutions worldwide.

Each Certificate of Completion Program bundle we offer is made up of a curated collection of courses that can be completed in approximately 15 hours. The courses are developed with the cooperation of subject matter experts from world-class manufacturing companies and insights from renowned individuals across various industry domains. The courses have been designed utilizing robust instructional design practices – they are visually appealing to the modern learner and highly interactive to promote learner engagement. The THORS eLearning Solutions model combines science and industry practice to rapidly increase the Manufacturing IQ® of learners.

What are the Benefits?

  • Contributes to the professional development of experienced employees
  • Makes manufacturing knowledge accessible to new entrants into industry
  • Supplements current education to those enrolled in the University

These self-paced Certificate of Completion Programs are available to companies and individuals. They allow individuals already working in industry to obtain additional career-focused educational opportunities in highly specific, technical areas. These programs also benefit employers by improving their pool of qualified candidates. For new employees, workforce development will improve by speeding up the learning curve. For existing team members, the programs help by setting a solid foundation of knowledge in their field.

Regional companies, like ELLWOOD Engineered Castings in Hubbard, Ohio, see the value and the impact THORS courses have had on employees.

“My entire workforce is grateful for the introduction and utilization of the THORS training platform,” said Pat Callihan, president of ELLWOOD Engineered Castings and ELLWOOD Aluminum in Hubbard, Ohio. “The retirements of some of our long-tenured and skilled team members make this training all the more critical to ensure the timely production of high-quality products. We look forward to the next step and engaging with The University of Akron to provide our team members with industry specific certifications.”  

The University of Akron has been a longtime leader in preparing individuals for careers in manufacturing with degree programs in Automated and Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Mechanical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering Technology. The Certificate of Completion Programs help individuals become job-ready in the manufacturing industry. They will also set an individual apart from other candidates.

This partnership just makes good sense for our students and our manufacturing community,” said Craig Menzemer, dean of the College of Engineering and Polymer Science at UA. “Highly specialized technical skills continue to be in demand by employers. Individuals working in manufacturing in the region or around the world will be able to enhance their skills and further their careers without even leaving home.” 

How does it Work?

The Certificate of Completion Programs provide a solid foundation with comprehensive coverage on a particular manufacturing discipline that can help job-seekers find employment or pursue new opportunities, help employers speed up new employee onboarding, or help give a competitive edge to existing team members on the job. These programs also will empower individuals, across the globe, to obtain a certificate from a renowned university in the United States.

The Certificate of Completion Programs are packaged per specialty. The courses in each program cover all necessary material to successfully complete the Certificate Exam included in that program. Upon successful completion of the exam, the learner will receive an official University Issued Certificate of Completion.

Step 1

Select and register for one of the Certificate of Completion Programs.

Each Certificate of Completion Program contains courses totaling approximately 15 learning hours. No application or admissions process is necessary as these are noncredit programs. Simply purchase the program of your choice from the Available Programs List and register for access. The learner has two options: A learner can purchase the full Certificate of Completion Program to gain access to all of the necessary courses plus the Certificate of Completion Exam included at no additional charge, OR the learner can purchase each course individually, as needed, and then purchase the Certificate of Completion Exam separately.

Step 2

Successfully complete the courses in the program within 30 days of purchase.

Once purchased, the courses remain available for 30 days. The courses may be taken in any order and need not be completed to obtain access to the included Certificate Exam. However, it is recommended to complete all courses in the order listed to receive the full benefit of the material and have the best opportunity to pass the Certificate Exam.

Step 3

Complete and pass the Certificate Exam within 45 days of purchase.

Upon passing the Certificate Exam, the learner will be awarded their University Issued Certificate of Completion. This certificate will remain available in the learner’s account for download. The Certificate Exam and a list of all courses completed will be listed in the learner’s THORS Academy learner transcript for future reference.

Note: If the learner does not complete the Certificate Exam with a passing score, the learner will get feedback on their performance. To repurchase and attempt the Certificate Exam again, contact for assistance and to receive a discount.

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