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Purchase Order Fundamentals


Purchase Order Fundamentals looks at the components of a purchase order and how they can be used in business.
Learning Hours: 3

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Course Description

Purchase Order Fundamentals looks at the components of a purchase order and how they can be used in business. This unique course provides the learner the ability to understand exactly how purchase orders are used in transactions and what to do in specific situations with different requirements that a purchase order may contain. The learner will be able to understand the difference between different examples of purchase orders in specific areas and how to work with international and blanket purchase orders. THORS’ interactive learning method for this course is sure to help a learner understand and grasp these concepts.

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Who will benefit from this Purchase Order Fundamentals course?

Sales personnel who handle purchase order discussions; Customer service teams who review and process the purchase orders; Purchasing and supply chain employees who cut purchase orders to vendors; Engineers who review, approve, or accept the technical requirements on drawings; Finance department personnel who handle the payment term guidelines; Shipping and receiving employees who need to understand the individual requirements for each order based on the purchase order instructions.

Course Classification

This manufacturing course by THORS eLearning Solutions covers identification of key terms, understanding of key concepts, and application of the covered topics.

*THORS uses the Bloom’s Taxonomy Methodology for our course development.

Who will benefit from this Purchase Order Fundamentals course?

Example of certificate awarded upon successful completion of the course.

*upon successful completion

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Learning Objectives

  1. Identify the different sections of a purchase order.
  2. Understand the terminology and its relation on a purchase order.
  3. Recognize what to do when working with different styles of purchase orders.
  4. How to work with international purchase orders.
  5. How to work with blanket purchase orders.
Example purchase order containing specific quality requirements and specifications for the shipping method responsibility terms.
Purchase Order Fundamentals

Table of Contents

  1. Purchase Orders Fundamentals Overview
    1. Purchase Order Structure
  2. Purchase Orders with Basic Terminology
    1. Contact Information
    2. PO Number
    3. Promise Date
    4. PO Date
    5. Ship to Address
    6. Quantity
    7. Description
    8. Acknowledgement
  3. Purchase Orders with Additional Terminology
    1. Remit to Address
    2. Print
    3. Revision Level
    4. Inventory Requirements
    5. Quotation
    6. Lot Traceability
    7. Terms and Conditions
    8. Right of Entry
    9. Payment Terms
    10. Packaging Requirements
    11. Incoterms®
  4. Purchase Orders with Quality and Compliance
    1. Number of Containers
    2. Weight
    3. Currency
    4. Certifications
    5. Inspection Requirements
    6. Inspection Reports
    7. Customer, Statutory, and Regulatory Requirements
    8. RoHS Compliant
    9. Environmental or Shelf Life Condition
    10. Counterfeit Parts
    11. Obligation to Notify
    12. Supplier Manual
  5. Purchase Orders for International Customers
    1. Tariff Code
    2. Product Origin
    3. Customs Duty
  6. Blanket Purchase Orders
    1. Release Dates

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