Engineering Drawing Fundamentals

Engineering Drawings Fundamentals introduces the fundamental concepts that are required to read, understand, and interpret engineering drawings used throughout the manufacturing industry. Presented in THORS’ highly visual and interactive learning format with many examples, this course assists learners in understanding and interpreting the views, different elements, and dimensioning methods used on engineering drawings.

Learning Objectives

  • Interpret the graphic language used in mechanical drawings for practical applications.
  • Locate the title block, revision block, and drawing zone on a print.
  • Distinguish between different views used to represent an object on a drawing.
  • Identify and understand the meaning behind the diverse elements of a drawing, which includes lines, symbols, and dimensioning types and methods.
  • Verify knowledge retention by reviewing complete drawing examples for the elements and components discussed in the course.
Course Length: 4 HRS

Table of Contents

Engineering Drawing Template

  • Title Block
    • Angle of Projection Symbol
    • Approvals Section
    • Copyright Notice
    • Dimensioning Note and Tolerancing Block
    • Drawing Identification
    • Drawing Scale
    • Drawing Size
    • Drawing Standard
    • Material Specification
    • Reference Information
    • Surface Finish
    • Weight Information
  • Revision Block
  • Drawing Zone bilities

Part Dimensioning

  • Dimensioning Basics
    • Units of Measurement: Metric Units
    • Units of Measurement: Imperial Units
    • Units of Measurement: Dual Units
    • Dimensioning Text: Unidirectional Text
    • Dimensioning Text: Aligned Text
    • Bilateral Tolerance
    • Unilateral Tolerance
  • Dimensioning Types
    • Nominal Dimension
    • Limit Dimension
    • Overall Dimension
    • Critical Dimension
    • Reference Dimension
    • Basic Dimension
  • Dimensioning Methods
    • Feature Dimensioning: Linear and Angular Dimensioning
    • Feature Dimensioning: Rectangular and Polar Coordinate Dimensioning
    • Baseline Dimensioning
    • Chain Dimensioning

Engineering Drawing Part Views

  • Orthographic View
    • Common Multi-Views
    • Angle of Projection: Deriving Symbols
    • Angle of Projection: First Angle Projection
    • Angle of Projection: Third Angle Projection
    • Arrangement of Views: Basic View Arrangement
    • Arrangement of Views: Multi-View Arrangement
  • Axonometric View
    • Isometric View
  • Section View
    • Common Elements of Section Views
    • Common Section Views
    • Additional Section Views

Engineering Drawing Elements

  • Lines
    • Line Width
    • Line Priority
    • Drawing Lines: Object Line
    • Drawing Lines: Center Line
    • Drawing Lines: Hidden Line
    • Drawing Lines: Phantom Line
    • Drawing Lines: Chain Line
    • Viewing Lines: Break Line
    • Viewing Lines: Cutting Plane Line
    • Viewing Lines: Viewing Plane Line
    • Dimensioning Lines: Extension Line
    • Dimensioning Lines: Dimension Line
    • Dimensioning Lines: Leader Line
  • Symbols
    • Conventional Representations
    • General Symbols: Center Line (CL)
    • General Symbols: Diameter
    • General Symbols: Radius (R)
    • General Symbols: Places (PLS)
    • General Symbols: Typical (TYP)
    • General Symbols: Surface Finish
    • General Symbols: Revision
    • GD&T Symbols: Datum and Datum Feature
    • GD&T Symbols: Feature Control Frame
    • GD&T Symbols: Datum Features in a Feature Control Frame
    • GD&T Symbols: Datum Reference Frame
  • Notes

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