The Process Flow Diagrams course is designed to provide learners with an understanding on how to create process flow diagrams to ensure business continuity in any organization.

Process Flow Diagrams

Learning Objectives
  • Define a process flow diagram.
  • Understand the methodology used for the creation of a process flow diagram.
  • Understand the steps to develop a preliminary flowchart.
  • Recognize the elements of a process flow diagram template.
  • Identify the steps to record the various operations of a manufacturing process in the process flow diagram template.
  • Understand real world industrial scenarios to develop a process flow diagram.

This course includes
Pre / Post-Assessment
Course Length: 1.5h
Completion Certificate

Table of Contents

PFD Methodology

  • Team Formation
  • PFD Template
  • Preliminary Flowchart
  • PFD Creation: Raw Material Inspection
  • PFD Creation: Operation
  • PFD Creation: Final Inspection
  • PFD Creation: Shipping
  • PFD Maintenance

Case Study

  • Preliminary Flowchart
  • PFD Creation

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