8D Problem-Solving Basics

8D Problem-Solving Basics introduces learners to the popular “8 Disciplines,” commonly referred to as 8D. The 8D problem-solving methodology is an important quality tool utilized in a variety of industries. Presented in THORS’ highly visual and interactive learning format, this course will help employees become familiar with the important terminology and methodology associated with 8D implementation.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize the eight disciplines involved in the 8D process.
  • Understand the structured approach of 8D.
  • Identify each of the 8D steps in problem solving.
  • Understand real world applications of 8D with industry examples.
Course Length: 1 HRS

Table of Contents

Introduction to 8D Problem-Solving

The Eight Disciplines (8D)

  • Discipline 0: Prepare
  • Discipline 1: Define the Team
  • Discipline 2: Describe the Problem
  • Discipline 3: Develop an Interim Containment Action (ICA)
  • Discipline 4: Determine the Root Cause
  • Discipline 5: Determine the Permanent Corrective Action (PCA)
  • Discipline 6: Implement and Validate PCA
  • Discipline 7: Prevent Reoccurrence
  • Discipline 8: Congratulate the Team

8D Case Study Examples

  • Case Study #1: Automotive Industry
  • Case Study #2: Sheet Metal Industry

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