Metal Cutting: Fixturing Fundamentals for Machining

Fixturing Fundamentals for Machining introduces learners to the basic equipment, concepts, and general terminology that are often applied for fixturing or workholding. The important and yet sometimes overlooked process of metal part fixturing is brought to life in this course using realistic 3D models of actual parts. Helpful animations are also provided for concepts such as the 3-2-1 Principle and how to arrest the 12 degrees of freedom. The material in this course is beneficial to both experienced fixturing or workholding veterans and to learners new to the industry.

Learning Objectives

  • Recall the 3-2-1 Principle and the 12 degrees of freedom.
  • Recognize basic fixturing components such as pads, clamps, and baseplates.
  • Identify the common machining centers and how each relates to fixturing.
  • Understand the cutting forces involved in common machining operations.
  • Differentiate between the various datums applied in fixturing.
  • Recognize basic concepts such as averaging and locator application.
Course Length: 2 HRS

Table of Contents

Introduction to Fixtures

  • What is Fixturing?
  • The Need for Communication
  • The 3-2-1 Principle
  • 3-2-1 Tips
  • Basic Components
    • Fixtures
    • Supports and Stops
    • Pads – Plain Pads
    • Pads – Serrated Pads
    • Pads – Swivel Pads (Plain or Serrated)
    • Clamps – Cam Clamp
    • Clamps – Toggle Clamp
    • Clamps – Strap Clamp
    • Clamps – Swing Clamp
    • Clamps – Gooseneck Clamp
    • Clamps – Wedge Clamp
    • Clamps – Equalizer Clamp
    • Clamping Tips

Machining Considerations

  • Machining Centers
    • Horizontal Machining Center (HMC)
    • Vertical Machining Center (VMC)
    • Vertical Machining Center (VMC) Indexer
    • Vertical Turning Center (VTC)
    • Horizontal Turning Center (HTC)
  • Cutting Forces and Direction
    • Face Milling
    • End Milling
    • Boring
    • Drilling
    • Reaming
    • Tapping

Applied Concepts in Fixturing

  • Datums
    • Casting Datum
    • Machining Datum
    • Functional Datum
  • Averaging
  • Averaging Aids
  • Locators
  • V-Locators

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