The advancements in the field of robotics have enhanced the working conditions for humans and increased productivity in the manufacturing, military, and service industries. Explore the world of robotics through the THORS Robotics Fundamentals Course. The course introduces the learners to the structure, the design, the components, and the classification of robots, in addition to providing a comprehensive understanding of industrial robots and robotic technology.

Robotics Fundamentals course image

Learning Objectives
  • Define the importance of robots and the field of robotics.
  • Understand the basic anatomy of robots.
  • Identify the mechanical structure of robots.
  • Examine the different components of the electrical system including actuators and sensors.
  • Explain the different ways robots are programmed and controlled to perform various tasks.
  • Classify robots based on design, locomotion, application, control, and special features.
This course includes
Pre / Post-Assessment
Course Length: 2.5 h
Completion Certificate

Table of Contents

Anatomy of Robots

  • Mechanical Structure
  • Electrical System
  • Control System

Robot Classification by Locomotion

  • Stationary Robots
  • Non-Stationary Robots

Robot Classification by Control

  • Teleoperated Robots
  • Autonomous Robots

Robot Classification by Design

  • Serial Robots
  • Parallel Robots

Robot Classification by Application

  • Industrial Robots
  • Military Robots
  • Service Robots

Special Types of Robots

  • Unmanned Robotic Vehicles
  • Cobots
  • Microrobots and Nanorobots

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