Learn the ABC’s of Ductile Iron

Worldwide, in ductile iron industries, countless revenue/savings opportunities are lost.

How can such losses be prevented? One word: Knowledge.


Who benefits from increased knowledge in the ductile iron industry? All of the following:

• Purchasing Organizations

• Product Distributors

• Sales Teams

• Marketing Strategists

• Quality Organizations

• Engineering Organizations

• Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s)

• And most importantly… the individuals working on the foundry and shop floors!


How can a salesperson benefit from THORS certification?

While traditional certifications benefit salespersons to get started with their careers, a seasoned saleperson will advise you to invest in continuing education.Todd McCoy, Account Manager at OSCO Industries, Inc. shares his experience with online learning.


Engineering Drawings for Sandwich–I mean, Machining

One of the most exciting parts of e-learning course development happens before the course content is down on paper: working with the subject matter expert (SME).


For threaded fasteners, the focus is on functionality

The completion of a fasteners course signals a new and exciting direction for THORS, and the path is now paved for a wide variety of fastener related courses to follow. This fundamental learning experience lays the groundwork for courses in areas such as threaded fastener manufacturing, threaded fastener coatings and sealants, the basics of bolted joints, and other future potential courses.