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THORS manufacturing training courses and programs

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Manufacturing eLearning Courses to Expand Your Career Opportunities

Manufacturing eLearning Courses to Expand Your Career Opportunities

Purchase Student Premium Access

Purchase Student Premium Access

Stand Out in the Job Market!

Emerging technologies and innovations in manufacturing are creating new and exciting career opportunities. Going from the classroom to industry can leave you wondering how everything fits together. Learn the terminology and processes before your interview to gain the specific knowledge you need on relevant topics connected to your field. Have access to knowledge from the minds of manufacturing experts at your fingertips!

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Full Course Library Access $1 per day*

*Payable in full at time of purchase. This limited time offer for Students includes 4-month access for $120 to the entire THORS eLearning Solutions manufacturing course library. For each successfully completed course, a certificate will be awarded.

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Watch one of the thousands of manufacturing videos in our ever-expanding library of courses on manufacturing fundamentals, materials, manufacturing processes, manufactured products, and systems.

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"If I had this program before I started this job, it would have helped tremendously, as I would have been familiar with the terminology before I even started on the shop floor. It would have shortened my learning curve.”

Close the Knowledge Gap

"THORS is a great tool to help Engineering students with little experience get a good base. THORS has helped me learn quickly and gain confidence, which in turn has helped me create value for my organization.”

Stand Out from the Crowd

"Because a part of my job is to get the right people in the right places, having the people on my team smarter about processes and design is the big benefit!"

THORS offers engaging courses with dynamic graphics and interactives that makes training enjoyable. We are a trusted learning partner for world-class manufacturers, providing content that covers the fundamentals of the industry as well as the newest manufacturing trends.

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