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Bonded Sand Fundamentals


Bonded Sand Fundamentals is an introduction to bonded sand molding processes, including the mold and core preparation, pouring, solidification, and separation of metal parts.
Learning Hours: 2

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Course Description

Bonded Sand Fundamentals is an introduction to bonded sand molding processes, including the mold and core preparation, pouring, solidification, and separation of metal parts. Presented in THORS’ highly visual and interactive learning format, this course will help foundry employees become familiar with the important equipment and terminology associated with their profession.

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Who will benefit from this Bonded Sand course?

Companies, individuals, or educational institutions that produce castings from bonded sand molds.

Course Classification

This manufacturing course by THORS eLearning Solutions covers identification of key terms and understanding of key concepts.

*THORS uses the Bloom’s Taxonomy Methodology for our course development.

Certificate Awarded for Bonded Sand Fundamentals

Example of certificate awarded upon successful completion of the course.

*upon successful completion

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Learning Objectives

  1. Recognize some of the basic equipment used in bonded sand foundries.
  2. Recall basic terminology and phrases associated with foundry processes.
  3. Identify the equipment and processing steps applied to mold and core making.
  4. Recall the various steps involved in properly pouring bonded sand molds.
  5. Understand the primary steps carried out to castings after solidification.
Bonded Sand Foundry Processes include Melting, Sand Preparation, Core and Mold Making, Pouring, Shakeout, Casting Inspection, Processing, and Shipping.
Bonded Sand Fundamentals

Table of Contents

  1. Bonded Sand Foundry Processes
  2. Mold Making
    1. Types of Bonded Sand Molding
      1. Clay Bonded Sand (Green Sand) Molding
      2. Chemically-Bonded Sand Molding
      3. Shell Bonded Sand Molding
    2. Parts of the Mold
      1. Mold Halves
      2. Filling System
        1. Horizontally-Parted Filling System
        2. Vertically-Parted Filling System
    3. Feeding System
      1. Horizontally-Parted Feeding System
      2. Vertically-Parted Feeding System
    4. Additional Features
      1. Horizontally-Parted Additional Features
      2. Vertically-Parted Additional Features
    5. Sand Related Equipment
      1. Storage Silos
      2. Mullers
      3. Aerators
      4. Sand Coolers
      5. Screeners
      6. Dust Collectors
      7. Lump Crushers
      8. Scrubbers
      9. Reclaimers
    6. Mold Making Equipment
      1. Jolt Squeeze Machines
      2. Cope and Drag Machines
      3. Vertically-Parted Molding Machines
  3. Core Making
    1. Core Making Materials
      1. Core Sand
      2. Core Binders
    2. Core Making Equipment
      1. Core Boxes
      2. Batch Mixers
      3. Continuous Mixers
      4. Horizontally-Parted Core Machines
      5. Vertically-Parted Core Machines
      6. Core Drying Ovens
    3. Core and Mold Accessories
      1. Metal Chills
      2. Riser Sleeves
      3. Chaplets
    4. Hot Box Core Making
    5. Cold Box Core Making
    6. Shell Box Core Making
    7. Core Setting
    8. Mold Closing
  4. Pouring and Separation
    1. Melt Processing Time
      1. Melting Time
      2. Tapping Time
      3. Holding Time
    2. Pouring
      1. Pouring Methods
        1. Manual Pouring
        2. Mechanized Pouring
        3. Automatic Pouring
      2. Pouring Techniques
        1. Pouring Rate
          1. Pouring Distance
          2. Cup Filling
    3. Solidification Factors
      1. Inoculation for Cast Iron
      2. Deoxidation for Steel
      3. Silicon Modification for Aluminum
      4. Grain Refinement
    4. Separation and Cleaning
      1. Shakeout
      2. Blast Cleaning
      3. Casting Cleaning

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