Turning Center Lightning Learning Video Series

This Turning Center Video Series in our NEW Lightning Learning format is a collection of ten video lessons to enhance the training for machine operators on Turning Centers. Because turning is typically the first machining operation performed on any part, improved knowledge of the turning operation will ultimately improve final part quality. After taking this course, operators can equip themselves to avoid common errors that occur with the machine tool, cutting tool, workholding, and the component to be machined. The goal of this course video series is to help operators improve efficiency and save money with lower component rejection rates, reduced machine tool maintenance, increased life of the machine tool, workholder, and cutting tool, and improve safety records.

Available in English, Spanish, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil and Kannada!

What is Lightning Learning?

Lightning Learning Sparked by Data™ is time-efficient, data-driven training. With this innovative approach to learning, an administrator can objectively assess the technical competency of the learners within an organization and analyze their strength of understanding of various topics.

The adaptive learning technology that fuels Lightning Learning uses the analyzed data to deliver engaging videos that fill the identified knowledge gaps for each learner.

Administrators can schedule reassessments as necessary, and Certificates of Achievement can be awarded upon successful completion of a final assessment.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the basic functions of turning center machine elements
  • Recognize the primary axes involved in turning tool movement and spindle rotation
  • Differentiate the primary operations performed on turning centers
  • Recall the industry nomenclature for turning tool holders and inserts
  • Understand how to properly clamp and secure both workpieces and tool inserts
  • Differentiate the cutting parameters of cutting speed, feed rate, and depth of cut
  • Recognize the common codes used for programming turning centers
  • Recall the best practices and troubleshooting techniques for turning centers

“Lightning Learning eliminates the dread and disengagement associated with lengthy training sessions. This adaptive training approach creates a personalized experience for each individual in the organization and enables them to master the necessary skills—a boon to business leaders,” says Senthil Kumar, Founder of THORS eLearning Solutions.

Turning Center Video Series

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