Gear design simplified! The THORS course, Spur and Helical Gear Design Fundamentals provides strategies for designing gears that meet given application requirements. This course, complemented with real-life examples, delves into the principles of selection and optimization of primary and secondary design variables.

spur and helical gear design course image

Learning Objectives
  • To understand the application and gear design input parameters.
  • To estimate the gear design basic variables based on design inputs.
  • To design a gear pair that satisfies the specifications of the intended application.
  • To design a gear pair that meets or exceeds target design life and safety factor ratings.
  • To improve safety factor ratings by optimizing gear geometry and material selection and heat treatment.
This course includes
Pre / Post-Assessment
Course Length: 3 h
Completion Certificate

Table of Contents

Gear Design Inputs

  • Shaft Orientation
  • Target Safety Factor
  • Target Design Life
  • Gearbox Requirements

Transverse and Calculated Variables

  • Transverse Variables
  • Tooth Flank Contact Stress
  • Tooth Root Bending Stress

2 Case Studies

Basic Design Variables

  • Normal Diametral Pitch and Normal Module
  • Normal Pressure Angle
  • Normal Base Pitch
  • Number of Teeth
  • Face Width

Secondary Design Variables

  • Material and Heat Treatment
  • Accuracy Level
  • Profile Shift
  • Design for Manufacturability
  • Carsharing: Micromobility

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