Top skills Manufacturers will be looking for hiring in 2018 – Part 1

Digitalization has affected the manufacturing field to a great extent. This revolution of computerization has changed the way the industry looks at the process of manufacturing. At one time, entering the manufacturing field meant a less demanding workplace requiring a lower skill set. Today, the landscape has drastically changed, leading to problems in terms of finding the right candidates but also providing a great opportunity for highly skilled candidates.


What is manufacturing? It refers to the development of a new product or service, created in order to satisfy a customer requirement. In today’s fast and ever-changing environment, use of automation has become a necessity. The use of a well-defined process and incorporating information technology has changed the skill set required of a worker.

When searching for the right candidate to fill a position in manufacturing, certain traits and experiences cannot be overlooked. Here are a few key attributes to keep in mind:

Computer-educated: It has become mandatory to possess hands-on experience with computers, as manual labor is being replaced with automation. The operator of automated machinery should be able to perform under normal conditions, as well as properly handle the machinery in adverse situations. A solid understanding of a machine by both the operator and the technician is vital in any production environment. If the operator is well versed in a machine’s operation, then the operator can, in turn, convey technicalities to the technician, which adds to the overall quality of the work.

A creative mind: Gone are the days when workers were required to be physically strong and have knowledge of only one or two skills, with the ability to follow procedure and obey orders. In today’s competitive environment, creativity and the ability to handle situations independently has become necessity. Individuals with self-confidence and problem-solving skills are more the status quo.

Strong communication and interpersonal skills: In many processes, teamwork leads to success. Standing out from the crowd and communicating the right information in a team dynamic is key to delivering success. The ability to thrive in a team-based environment is a skill recruiters consider one of the most important qualities in a candidate. These skills cannot be taught in a short period of time or without the proper training, however.

Language skills: Worldwide, it is no longer the case that English is a prerequisite for many jobs. There are huge opportunities in countries where English is not widely spoken, and knowing one or two languages other than English is an added advantage for candidates in such cases.

STEM-based education: A background in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) can teach a person how best to apply systematic procedures and calculations in designing a quality product. Hence, a candidate with knowledge in these areas may have the advantage.

All in all, a candidate who is technically proficient, flexible, an independent thinker, and confident is what many manufacturers are looking for.

In the next installment of this post, we will look closer at the most desired technical skills, so stay tuned!

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