Solving corporate training challenges with eLearning

No matter the level a person reaches in his or her professional career, regular workplace training requirements will keep them up-to-date on trends in their industry and position. It is worth a mention, too, that regular training helps lift a person’s confidence. For this reason, any company, whether a big brand name or a small startup, can benefit from organizing training sessions for its employees. A corporate training program helps boost the overall performance of a workforce. When companies arrange these programs, they are proving that they see truth in the saying “invest in people and they will invest in you”.


While it might be easy to assume that arranging and conducting training sessions does not routinely face many challenges, the truth is that there are a host of potential challenges, including the following:

  • Countering the belief that, because “time is money”, bringing all of an organization’s employees spread across multiple branches and different geographical areas together takes a lot of time. Many times it is not always feasible for all employees to come for training even with proper buy-in from upper management as to the necessity of the program. 
  • Cost. Companies must incur considerable costs for employee travel, accommodations, and venue reservations.
  • Ensuring the aim of training will be met. Even with the most routine training sessions, there is no guarantee the goal of the training will be met. There are limited measures that can be taken to gauge the effectiveness of a program on each individual. 
  • Adapting training in real time while observing time limits. Individuals who conduct training sessions must constantly strike a balance between catering to employees who require additional information or discussion for each point against the need to cover a certain amount of material in a limited amount of time.

In view of these challenges facing corporate training organizers, companies are increasingly preferring eLearning as an alternative to instructor-led training. eLearning can be conducted without needing to make special travel or venue arrangements. eLearning can be very cost-effective for companies, as the companies have to invest one time in the development of the course, and later on, they can perform minor revisions to content, if required. eLearning modules may feature regular assessments to check whether the employees are benefiting from the training or not, as well. Employees also have the option to submit feedback online so that the training session can be improved in the future based on user feedback.

In today’s world where everything which is prefixed with the magical “e” is proving to be beneficial, from eShopping to eBanking, adding the “e” to learning is helping companies train their employees without any hassle.

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