5 ways to make the most of Manufacturing Day

Manufacturing Day is a national celebration just a few weeks away. It is celebrated on the first Friday in October, which is October 6 this year. We know how important the day is. It started as a way to help change common misconceptions about manufacturing and to get out the word that manufacturing today is clean, well organized, and high-tech.


If you are a student, a millennial, a teacher, a parent, or someone working in sales and marketing, then you should definitely make the most of Manufacturing Day and get to know what is going on in the manufacturing industry today and how it is helping the country’s economy.

Plant Tours

A plant tour is a perfect opportunity to gain greater insights into the working of a manufacturing plant. During the tour of the plant, a manufacturer shows the technology, the machines, and how products are made. This is the perfect time for parents and students alike to decide if they want a career in manufacturing.

Educational Fairs

Lots of technical colleges hold educational fairs for students where they invite local manufacturers to set up booths and share their experiences. Students can learn a lot, which could help in their career growth.

Open Houses

Companies can open their doors for the general public and share their stories. How and when did the company get started? What products do they make? Who are their customers? If you are interested in working in any manufacturing company in the future, this is the day to discover everything about it.


At a manufacturing expo, several companies come together with the common goal of educating the public, sharing innovations, and, as a result, promoting the progress of the industry. For the networking opportunity, expos are a great event not to be missed. Ensure you have a few hours of dedicated time to devote to the experience, or check before going and decide exactly what you want to explore at the expo.

Conferences and Seminars

In today’s fast-paced world, it is necessary to be updated about industry trends. And industry conferences and seminars provide the opportunity to network and learn about innovative technology, products, and services, and how to stay ahead of the competition.

In addition to attending any of the above events, you should also keep an eye out for resources which companies share at these events in the form of flyers for students and attendees to take home with them. For people in sales or marketing, it is another way to promote their manufacturing business and reach out to prospective customers and employees.

With challenging and well-paying work, manufacturing is a great career choice and Manufacturing Day is the day to discover the many opportunities in the field of modern manufacturing.

Check for your area here and plan to attend the events happening on Manufacturing Day.

What are your plans? Let us know.

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