Microlearning at lightning speed

Is it possible to accelerate learning? It is, with the new microlearning approach.

Technology and job functions are changing rapidly. In today’s fast-paced digital environment, people need to constantly up-skill, but have little time to learn. Microlearning offers us a solution. Microlearning is a modular delivery approach to online training where content is engineered into a series of short, concise, and dynamic learning moments, each a complete experience on its own while supporting the learning sequence as a whole.


Did you know the human brain’s short-term memory can only hold roughly seven pieces of information at any given time? Consequently, our brains forget a lot—and forget it quickly. That’s why microlearning courses are so handy and can be used very effectively to create sticky learning experiences.

Understanding this, THORS has designed new Lightning Learning courses for the manufacturing industry, based on the microlearning approach. Our offerings include the following:



Quality professionals have many names for the seven basic tools of quality, first emphasized by Kaoru Ishikawa, a professor of Engineering at Tokyo University. The 7QC tools, comprised of simple graphical and statistical techniques, are helpful in solving critical quality-related issues. Our lightning learning courses in this area are designed to ensure the learner grasps these fundamentals very quickly.

Our picks: Fishbone Diagrams, Check Sheets, Stratification, and Pareto Charts



No, not the ones you wear as an accessory!

THORS has a growing library of online courses dedicated to the belts industry. Our Lightning Learning courses aim to discuss the fundamental concepts involved in the construction of belts. The courses use animations and interactives to provide a detailed understanding of belts to help manufacturing professionals in their day-to-day activities and aid their overall understanding of the subject matter.

Our pick: Belt Classifications: Round and Flat Belts

Casting Industry


Seeking in-depth knowledge of the continuous casting process, including machine design, operations, and product? Our Lightning Learning courses in this arena offer extensive information on the many processes within the castings universe. A wealth of unique learning is provided, including information on the different metals used in castings, the capabilities and limitations of various pouring practices, and the inspection criteria employed in each industry. 

Our picks: Bonded Sand: Horizontally Parted MoldsBonded Sand: Mold PatternsBonded Sand: Vertically Parted Molds

If you are someone who loves to learn on the go, then these courses are just right for you. So what are you waiting for? Take a look at this format today! Click on the button below to get started.


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