Learning the ropes of the foundry industry

Abhishek Jayaraman has a Bachelor of Technology degree in Production Engineering. After graduating from PSG College of Technology in Coimbatore, he started reading up online about foundries and machine shops. His family owns a foundry business and he wanted to learn the ropes of the industry before joining them. After finding out about THORS courses online, he went ahead to successfully complete the Fixturing Fundamentals for Machining course. Here is an excerpt from our chat with this passionate and dedicated learner.


What made you want to take online manufacturing courses?

I was searching online for videos related to manufacturing on YouTube and so on for a very long time. When I was browsing, there was a link for THORS. I found some online courses related to manufacturing and many other fields with valuable information. I had some doubts about eLearning. After all, you are using a computer. How will you get practical knowledge? You can even get that from Google and Wikipedia, I thought. But after seeing that people with decades of experience made this curriculum, it gave me confidence. They have worked in the industry; they know what will work and what won’t.

Could you tell us about your experience with the course you took?

The presentation was good, particularly the videos. There were three topics in this course and then there were a lot of sub topics. You had a flowchart, so I could easily go through the different topics. People who don’t know how to use computers can also navigate easily through this course. Everything was simple and neat. And I particularly want to mention that it is good to have a pre-assessment quiz. I thought that [if] I don’t know anything, how will I answer these [questions]? But after taking the course, you will realize you have answers and you may have [answered] some questions wrong. You will be able to know the correct answer.

During my undergraduate program, I had seen some [eLearning] videos on another platform. I found it hard to understand the concepts through those. In THORS, the structure is designed in a way that concepts can be easily understood. The quizzes are a great part of the course. Only if you have knowledge, can you answer them. I found it easy because your videos and curriculum were very easy to understand. I even did a fixturing course in my undergrad [studies], but this was totally different. I found that THORS was a lot more practical. Even though you learn from a screen, you will gain some practical knowledge through these courses.

How practical are THORS courses for manufacturing companies and educational institutions?

It will be very useful. I think that many workers and even production heads and production supervisors don’t have basic knowledge. There will be some problems and we don’t know how to face them. The course knowledge will help us troubleshoot these problems in a smart way. It will be helpful for colleges and educational institutions, as well. It will be better if it is available in colleges, for BE or ME degrees in manufacturing or industrial engineering. Students can understand the concept very easily. In India, only after joining a job, [does someone] know what work to do. Before that, whatever you learn will be different from what happens on the shop floor. So, it will be better if you know before joining a company. After joining a company, if THORS is available there, they can learn [even] faster.

On a scale of 0 to 100, people who are experienced in this sector in manufacturing are at levels 50-90. So, if [these same professionals] are [consulting] on the THORS courses, [learners such as myself] can start at level 30. Why should I start from 0, then? Why should I do the same mistakes and learn it again? People who do these courses can start at level 30 and easily go to level 100. 

What is the value you got out of this course?

The way I picture fixtures has totally changed. Before, I used to see things in a different way. After doing this course, I am seeing it in a technical way. After taking the course, I went to the shop floor and asked the person responsible for fixtures. Only after doing this course did I start asking questions and there are [now] answers for these questions. Some don’t know how to go about [asking these questions]. So, I told them what to do. Only then [did] I realize that I have [gained] some knowledge.

On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest, how would you rate THORS?

People in manufacturing, even if they know [a lot] about a topic, could still learn something. Even if they are experts in their particular field, after doing this course they will learn something new. I will give it a 10. I am not exaggerating, it got me really interested in the subject.

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