6 Reasons why a manufacturing blog is important for your business

Most manufacturing companies tend to ignore blogging, preferring instead to invest in other marketing tactics. What they may not realize is that a blog is the only platform that allows for the frequent creation of new content in order to attract readers without the intrusion of third-party algorithms or apps. A blog also drives every other form of online marketing, like social media campaigns and newsletters. 


Here are some reasons why every manufacturer should invest in a manufacturing blog.

#1 Increase your SEO/SERP

This is probably the most common reason companies start a blog: Google gives higher priority to websites which frequently create high quality original content that is relevant to their target audience. Where you rank in search engines matter. Thus, a blog is the perfect medium to increase your company’s visibility online and showcase your company’s best solutions.

#2 Drive traffic to your website

When your SEO improves, website traffic is sure to improve. Moreover, a blog can act as a learning center to create relevant content for your customers, giving them a reason to click through to your website again and again. It will also allow you to increase the number of relevant inbound links that will direct readers to the important parts of your website, which in turn will increase website traffic more.

#3 Gain insight into your audience

Blog analytics help you to find out where your audience is coming and what it is interested in. This can be done by analyzing site visits, shares, time on each page, comments, popular keywords, and click-through rates.

#4 Position your brand as an industry leader

With a blog, manufacturing companies can share with the customers their point of view on important matters. Moreover, you can share your expertise and position yourself as a trusted resource for information. Ask questions and encourage conversations. Then spread the word on social media using relevant hashtags.    

#5 Educate and attract the right workforce

A blog is a great way to share your perspectives, inspire discussion, and connect with like-minded individuals. But did you know that blogs can help you reach the right workforce?

#6 Develop better customer relationships

Blogs act as the voice of the company and another source to deepen the connection with customers. By subscribing to blogs, customers will also get to know what’s new in the industry as well as with your business. This will increase your following and establish loyalty. Customers like to be informed, and they appreciate when you do so.

So, to attract new customers, build relationships with existing ones, and establish your brand, start using this medium effectively.

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