Top online courses for manufacturing professionals to pursue in 2017

Getting the basics right is a great way to advance your career. Manufacturing professionals have realized the same to ensure their credibility as a professional and to carry out their assigned jobs efficiently. Here are a few eLearning courses that are now being taken by manufacturing professionals around the globe. 



Additive Manufacturing

Delve deep into the world of additive manufacturing and learn how to create 3D objects by layering material continuously. The course will cover all the fundamental aspects of this technology with a special focus on associated processes and applications.

Engineering Drawings

The courses in the Engineering Drawings Knowledge Center offer insight into the most common engineering print conventions used in the industry today. Users will see a correlation between individual drawing elements and the real-world industry practices they represent.            

Gear Industry

Get a full array of online courses related to the gear industry, which cover the fundamental concepts, basic terminology, and related manufacturing details behind specific types of gears. Choose the one that best meets your job requirement. There are other additional course offerings in this category dedicated to both upstream and downstream processes relevant to the manufacturing of quality gears, including engineering print interpretation and the fundamentals of heat treatment.


Choose from a wide range of online courses related to the foundry industry which are valuable for organizations that design, manufacture, and procure castings. THORS foundry courses are organized based on the type of material poured, as well as the molding process used within each category. 

Some of the benefits of these courses:

  • Gain a competitive edge
  • Better job opportunities and career advancement
  • Get rewarded with higher wages and better perks

In every industry sector, employers seek professionals who are not only well equipped with the right skill set but also those who take their organization to the next level.

 If you are looking to get more information on one of the courses, check out the THORS Academy and click on the button below to get a FREE demo!



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