6 key trends for mobile learning in 2017

Around 47% of organizations are now using mobile devices for their online training needs and this number is sure to grow, according to a report by Towards Maturity. Known for its rich multimedia course content and making communication between instructors and participants easy, mobile learning can benefit learner performance immensely.


Here are some of the predicted trends for mobile learning in 2017.

Big data analytics

In 2017, Big data analytics will play a big role in improving the overall mLearning model by providing a deeper understanding of the learner’s interests. In addition, it will provide valuable insights regarding app usage and page flow. This will enable elearning professionals to customize their courses.

Responsive web design

By keeping content adjustable to different screen sizes, responsive web design is capable of providing an optimal viewing experience on every device no matter its size or resolution.

Wearable technology

As wearable devices are gradually gaining in popularity, we can expect to see them being used actively for learning. User-friendly and affordable examples of this technology include Google Glass, Oculus Rift, Apple Watch, and Android Wear.

Tin Can API

A successor to SCORM, Tin Can API, also known as Experience API (xAPI), is the latest e-learning standard in learning technology. Tin Can API addresses the limitations of SCORM and has the ability to record learner activities while still delivering data that is measurable, sharable, and trackable.

“Moment of need” mobile support

While working, employees may encounter situations where tutorials and manuals are necessary for resolving a problem. At the time they encounter such a situation, they may benefit from “moment of need” mobile support, which allows them the freedom to continue with crucial tasks and activities without having to move away from their work stations. 

Geo-location sensitive learning

Today, most organizations operate in different geographies. For such a widely distributed audience, geo-location is an invaluable tool. This feature can help detect the learner’s location automatically and then deliver the learning course or training content that is relevant to them.

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