4 Women-owned manufacturing businesses

The Manufacturing Institute mentioned in a report that although women represent nearly 47% of the total US labor force, they make up less than a third (27%) of the manufacturing workforce. However, despite these numbers, modern women manufacturers have created noteworthy strides in what has been traditionally perceived as a male-oriented industry. Women in manufacturing are not just leading in their chosen fields, they are also owners of some of the biggest companies. Let’s take a look at some women-owned manufacturing companies. 

3-D Precision Machine, Inc.

Linda Luoma is the President of 3-D Precision Machine, Inc., a woman-owned small business founded in 2005 in Temecula, CA. Specializing in everything from prototyping to production of precision machined components, 3-D 4-women-owned-manufacturing-businesses.jpgPrecision offers precision machining for all applications, including the military, aerospace, medical, and commercial fields. They feature state-of-the-art software that ensures clients receive a completed and machined part that meets exact requirements. 

Permac Industries

Darlene Miller is the Owner and Chief Executive Officer of Permac Industries based in Burnsville, MN, a company that specializes in components and assemblies for aerospace, medical, transportation, and food and beverage industries. Miller has worked diligently to make her company an award-winning enterprise. After emerging from tough economic times that took many companies out of the game, she earned the Top Woman-Owned Manufacturing Company of the Year award in 2012.

Jones Metal Products

Based in Mankato, MN, Jones Metal Products is a metal fabrication solutions company that has a long history of having women at the helm. The company was started by Mildred Page Jones, grandmother of current president and CEO Sarah Richards, in 1942. It was later owned by Sarah Richards’ mother Marcia Jones Richards and her sister Kay Jones Jacobson, and she now owns it along with Jessica Richards-Palmquist and David Richards.

Covert Manufacturing

Covert Manufacturing  in Galion, OH is a certified woman-owned company completely run by co-presidents Kym Fox and Teri Williams. The company got its start as a family-owned company in 1967, specializing in meeting industry needs for precision machined products. In 2012, Covert Manufacturing got certification as a woman-owned business and is committed to investing in the latest technology for lean manufacturing, CNC lathes, vertical machine centers, and horizontal machine centers.

 Are you a woman working in the manufacturing world? Cool, let’s talk about here! 

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