Must-read Monday: Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing is changing how manufacturing companies design parts, components, products, and structures. It is helping remove constraints and enabling new freedom and flexibility.

However, just because a part can be produced using additive manufacturing doesn’t mean that it should be. The key is to understand where and how to adopt additive manufacturing to reap business advantages. And this knowledge can be gained by either applying additive manufacturing on the job or by learning from industry experts.


These blogs will give a quick sneak peek into industry happenings with respect to additive manufacturing.

Looking at the future: Additive Manufacturing

Get the perspective of our technical course writer Kaitlin Trushel on why it is important to understand more about additive manufacturing or stereolithography before adopting it. 

Why read it? Take it from an expert, additive manufacturing is more important than ever.

Challenges in adopting additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing is leading organizations to rethink their manufacturing processes. Although there are a lot of benefits, there are also some challenges manufacturers are facing while adopting additive manufacturing.

Why read it? Be aware of the current challenges with respect to implementing additive manufacturing.

Safety concerns in additive manufacturing

While other industries have a lot of data related to the identification and mitigation of risks associated with health and safety, additive manufacturing is too new an industry to benefit from that same study. Safety in additive manufacturing is yet to develop into an exact science.

Why read it? Learn the risk factors related to additive manufacturing that can be remedied with the right safety measures and training.

Overcoming the additive manufacturing talent gap

While additive manufacturing is transforming the manufacturing industry, the manufacturing workforce is struggling to adapt to the rapid pace of change this technology is bringing. Programs to develop a skilled workforce can help to bridge the talent gap in additive manufacturing.

Why read it? Learn how to bridge the skills gap in additive manufacturing.

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