Why upskilling is a must for your manufacturing workforce

Modern manufacturing is changing at a fast pace. The workforce is expected to stay updated with new technologies and solutions to stay ahead of the competition. 


Two major trends are apparent in the industry. First, it is the aggressive need to upskill traditional workers. This need arose because manufacturing is becoming increasingly digital, with process automation and industrial robots taking over tasks that are repetitive and dangerous. Second, there is a clear demand for professionals trained on new technologies like 3D printing, computer-aided design, and software development. This demand will help drive manufacturing from its current stage to higher levels of innovation, complimenting the shifts in consumer demand.

In an era led by customers and technology, innovation is the driving change in the workplace. Innovation matters more than ever to ensure that the knowledge and skills in place are relevant to the manufacturing industry. The corporate job market has become increasingly competitive. With the prevalent skills gap, there is a huge opportunity for those looking for jobs or career growth. Most manufacturers are hiring. For this, the workforce must have the necessary qualifications to gain employment, while also ensuring job security.

If you are part of the manufacturing industry, here are a few reasons why you should consider upskilling:

Different career options 

Upskilling will not only increase your chances of getting a better job, it will also make you a great candidate for promotions. Upgrading and learning new skills will give you more bargaining power when it comes to testing the job market for profitable career change. Additionally, fresh qualifications will open different career options, giving you an edge over other manufacturing employees. When an organization seeks internal candidates for important positions, you will be their preferred choice.

Higher salary and benefits 

Better education and higher qualifications often bring higher salary and benefits. If you are stuck in a career which is capped in terms of advancement and income, upskilling is the best option. Not only will you be able to be rewarded with new skills, you will become a valuable asset for your company.

Less chance of redundancy 

With companies choosing to outsource for cheaper labor and technology, it is now all the more important for manufacturers to show value to their company. To be cost-efficient and effective, organizations may even opt to downsize. Employees whose skills are outdated are the ones most likely to feel the heat. Developing your skills will make you a valuable asset to your company.

Job security

The manufacturing industry is facing so many challenges. Almost every day brings news of more downsizing across the industry. The truth is, no job is secure. Upgrading yourself will allow you to accumulate a variety of skills in different areas, which can open a world of opportunity for you in terms of a new job, a new company, or a new profession altogether.

Take action

Once you understand how imperative it is to upskill, you should start looking for ways to do so. There are many options to choose from, based on your convenience. If you are someone who would prefer a more traditional learning path, you could enroll in a training institute to take courses on relevant subjects that interest you. On the other hand, if you are someone who prefers to learn at your own pace, there are a plethora of eLearning courses with which to upgrade your manufacturing knowledge anytime and from anywhere. 

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