Computerized maintenance management system for manufacturing

How do you effectively track and generate work orders? Do you have a way to verify the projects completed by your workforce? Do you get notifications upon completion of any manufacturing process? How is spare parts inventory managed and controlled on the shop floor? Do you have an organized system to store manuals and warranty information virtually? How are your equipment and systems tracked for maintenance reporting and planning? 

Managing a manufacturing plant or a facility consists of a lot of challenging, complicated, and time-consuming efforts. Manufacturers should consider investigating the benefits of a well-implemented CMMS (Computerized maintenance management system), if they don’t have well-defined answers to the above questions.


A CMMS is a computer software designed to simplify maintenance management. It maintains a computer database of information about an organization’s facility and its maintenance related activities. Using the right CMMS helps manufacturing companies boost employee efficiency and forecast equipment repairs leading to reduced downtime.

The biggest benefit CMMS brings in is the elimination of paperwork and data entry. This enables the workforce to use that time in other activities and become more productive. It should be noted that functionality of the best-in-class CMMS lies in its ability to collect and store information in an easily retrievable format. Moreover, it provides the facility managers with the best information to affect the operational efficiency of a facility, which helps them make better decisions regarding the running of the plant.

Here are some of the advantages of having a CMMS:

Keep equipment running optimally

CMMS software schedules preventive maintenance procedures to ensure that manufacturing equipment remains in good condition and runs efficiently. With quick access to equipment history, warranty information, and manufacturer information through the CMMS, any equipment failures can be dealt with promptly. Many CMMS software programs also keep track of maintenance inventory to ensure that spare parts are available when required.  

Stay in budget

CMMS helps management make informed decisions from the information present in past reports on the machine failures, number of downtimes, and repair costs. The management can further decide on the current inventory levels. All this helps in tracking costs and keeping a control on the budget.

Preventive maintenance schedules

A CMMS helps manufacturers keep a clean and organized schedule with notifications for machine repair. Using this information, maintenance managers can run preventive maintenance on manufacturing equipment on time. Poorly managed maintenance schedules can lead to equipment failures and costly repairs. Hence, it is advisable for manufacturing companies to rely on preventive, rather than reactive, maintenance schedules.

Achieve regulatory compliance

Manufacturing companies need to comply with various rules and regulations. The CMMS keeps the check of compliance issues and helps minimize accidents at the facility. It also sends notifications on the expiring of any compliances. By documenting the maintenance of assets and audit reports, it provides information on maintenance tasks for regulatory agencies, thus protecting a company from the threat of hefty fines.

Improve safety

Workforce can be asked to submit a safety hazard recognition report anytime they see or face a problem. Where will all these suggestions go? Into the CMMS — it’s where the action is. The suggestions that are submitted in the maintenance system can be later reviewed. Steps can be taken to prioritize and act upon them. This will create a better safety culture in the facility.

A CMMS software implementation requires an investment of time, but the returns are almost guaranteed. As per a report, organizations that are currently using a CMMS reported an average of 28.3% increase in their maintenance productivity, a 20.1% reduction in equipment downtime, 19.4% savings in lower material costs, and a 7.8% reduction in maintenance and repairs.

CMMS is all set to change how the manufacturing industry works. With the implementation of a good CMMS, a company gains valuable insight for keeping budgets in check and minimizing production time. Take the maintenance of your manufacturing facility to the next level.


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