Why a career in manufacturing is a good choice for millennials

“Manufacturing is more than just putting parts together. It’s coming up with ideas, testing principles, and perfecting the engineering, as well as final assembly,” said British inventor Sir James Dyson, an industrial designer and founder of the Dyson company who is best known for creating the bagless vacuum cleaner.


The modern manufacturing industry is all about innovative technologies and processes, a more educated workforce, and higher wages with better benefits. It is no longer dirty, dangerous, physically demanding, and low paying. In fact, manufacturing is the backbone of the economy of any country wishing to drive innovation and technology. Moreover, with the application of modern management practices and cutting-edge technology, workplace safety has improved.

Here are some reasons why millennials should consider working in manufacturing:

Job Opportunities 

Currently, the manufacturing industry faces a skill shortage, particularly in the STEM areas that are central to manufacturing. This is slowly hampering the chance at future growth. This skill shortage is further aggravated by the looming retirement of baby boomers. Millennials have an opportunity to go for these positions in various manufacturing industries. There are also jobs within the manufacturing sector for people from sectors other than engineering, such as human resources, sales and business development, marketing, finance, and many others. These positions offer all of the benefits of working in manufacturing, including stability, competitive salaries, and other non-tangible benefits. No other industry can offer the same potential and stability.

New Technology

Manufacturing has always been on the cutting edge of technology. 3D printing, robotics, and the Internet of Things are just the latest examples of manufacturing companies adopting new technology. Manufacturing employees are the first to get a chance to work with any new technology. And, for Generation Y, that is the best reason to get up and go to work each day. It’s good to be ahead.

Exciting Sectors Of Work

From food manufacturing to aerospace to the emerging fields of 3D printing and robotics, there are many sectors to choose from. Depending on their interests, millennials can choose the industry where they wish to start their career. When someone works in their field of interest, it drives them to excel.


According to a report by The Manufacturing Institute, one in six private sector jobs is still indirectly or directly tied to manufacturing. The industry still pays premium wages and benefits, and supports much more economic activity per dollar of production in comparison to other sectors. In 2014, the average earnings for US workers was $54,450 a year and those in the manufacturing sector were earning, on average, $77,000 a year.

Room To Grow

Once you choose a sector to go into, there are plenty of options for excellent career growth. From fabrication and welding to research and distribution, the possibilities seem endless. If millennials want to learn, improve, and grow, then manufacturing is a great career choice.

Challenging Projects

The manufacturing industry requires a lot of precision and quality. Moreover, with changes in consumer demand and new technologies, manufacturing assignments are challenging. Working on challenging assignments will act as the skill builder for millennials, steepening their learning curve and helping them achieve career goals faster.

As the manufacturing industry continues to progress, there will be a need for more skilled employees. Millions of jobs will be available in the coming years and a skilled workforce will be required to fill the gap. Manufacturing is undergoing a renaissance. Now is the time to explore what the industry has to offer.

Whether you are an engineering student or a millennial looking for career options, a rewarding career in manufacturing is waiting for you.

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