The marriage of eLearning and manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is undergoing change, which brings both opportunities and challenges. With this, the way factories are planned, constructed, and operated will also change. They will need to be more flexible and adaptable to technology, achieve better integration between buildings and processes, and be more resilient to economic and environmental shifts.


This new era will be marked by agile, networked enterprises that use information and analytics as skillfully as they employ talent and machinery to deliver products and services to diverse global markets. To keep pace with the trends of highly evolving and innovative manufacturing practices, it is important to continually, and properly, train your existing employees, from machinists to engineers to management. This can be achieved by using a competent online training solution for manufacturing companies. Today’s customers demand a competitive price and a product that delivers value, and the vendor-to-supplier relationship is bolstered by strong technical communication in areas such as sales, customer service, quality, operations, and purchasing. 

All employees need to be trained continuously in order for organizations to avoid the dangers of being out-thought and out-maneuvered by competitors. Research shows that eLearning proves to be an excellent way to achieve quality results in a short amount of time. An online training program can provide targeted skill development, just-in-time performance support, and a consistent way to deliver, track, and measure skill mastery. For organizations in the manufacturing industry, an eLearning program can help develop talent from within, minimizing the gap between actual skills and desired performance.

How can eLearning help companies meet these training needs?

  • Online training can capture the expertise of industry experts to offer in-depth knowledge to new hires.
  • eLearning can train the suppliers who provide manufacturing companies with products that adhere to and comply with industry standards and specifications.
  • Introduction and orientation modules can be easily designed and delivered to new employees.
  • Anyone can refresh their basic knowledge of products and processes, anytime and anywhere, using online learning. Even a new salesperson can better understand the products they are going to sell in the market.
  • To keep up with trends in production technology and manufacturing machinery, eLearning can help. Manufacturers can leverage an online training platform to distribute information on the latest and greatest technology to their entire workforce.

  • Using an eLearning system, manufacturing companies can track and measure course completions and assessment scores, and administer certificates once workers have met compliance standards.

  • System administrators can leverage reporting functions to determine which courses workers are having the hardest time with and provide additional training materials or instructor-led sessions to ensure that workers are equipped for the job.

At THORS eLearning Solutions, we have a wide range of courses for professionals in the manufacturing industry, whether they have just started their career or are looking to refresh their knowledge. If you are a part of the manufacturing industry and want to learn how eLearning can help your employees, write to us today!



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